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Corporate English
We will select a course for the tasks of the company and the employee
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Active and satisfied students
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Lessons Learned

We have a unique video platform
with developed lessons and with automatic verification of homework
One-to-One Tutoring
Access to immersive videos, articles and games
Interactive Training
50 Minutes Lessons
Our app is available on the phone
We are constantly improving our platform to make your classes even more interesting and rewarding
You can take lessons and do your homework anywhere you want
Training Formats
Individual Lessons
One-to-one with the teacher, the whole lesson is dedicated only to you
Group Lessons
Work with colleagues and practice skills together
Transparent investment in employee training

Development of the HR brand of the company

Reports on performance and attendance

Various payment and cooperation options
Authorship materials created by our own team

Result Guarantee

A course tailored to your goals and needs

Certificate at the end of the course
Receive a personalized offer
Payment Formats
The company pays for training
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Employees pay for training
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Our Teachers
JustSchool is the first English school where teachers use modern teaching methods.
Our courses are aimed at easy learning and obtaining the necessary skills for fluency in the language.
It takes one month to start speaking and understanding a foreign language.
Speaking Clubs
as a gift
• Practice fluency and reinforce lessons learned.
• Clubs are held regularly and for all levels.
• With native English speakers and local tutors.
We are trusted
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